This service involves you taking my words and making them sound amazing right?

Yes. To a degree!

My process is this:

  • Read through once to figure out the big idea you’re trying to communicate.
  • Read through again to pinpoint what structural changes need to be made to communicate that idea.
  • Edit the piece to ensure it delivers the reader to your big idea in a way that is logical and powerful.
  • Eliminate anything that doesn’t contribute to the idea that is being communicated.
  • Tidy up any grammatical errors.
Will you re-write my piece to make it better?

No. That’s not editing, unfortunately, that’s ghostwriting. Which I can do, but it’s much more expensive 🙂 (Contact me if this is what you need.)

What if you can’t figure out what the big idea of my piece is?

If this is the case, your article isn’t in the position to be edited, it will need to be re-written by you. In this scenario I will give you three options:

  1. I will put together an article outline that will allow you to re-write the article in a way that better communicates the big idea. (This amounts to a structural edit and will be covered by the fee you’ve paid.)
  2. I will return the article to you and refund your payment.
  3. A quote for me to ghostwrite the piece for you.
If I re-write a piece where you’ve done a structural edit, what’s the fee to get that piece edited?


Once I’ve submitted my article, when can I expect to get the edits?

Within five (5) working days (Perth, Australia time: GMT +8).

Can I pay to speed up this process?

Yes, you can pay a rush fee of $59 to have your article feedback returned within one (1) working day.

Is there a word limit on articles you edit?

I charge $79 for the first 2000 words, and then an additional $19 per 1000 words thereafter.

Will you edit sales letters?

I believe sales letters are a specialised field of writing. While they do share many of the same principles of a great article or blog post, and while I’m sure I’ll be able to help you make your sales letter 100% better, I don’t want to pretend I am a specialist in that field.

Will you edit emails and/or email newsletters?


With the retainer packages – if I don’t use up all my words in a given month, do they carry over to the next month?


With the retainer packages – is book editing included?

Short e-books (up to 25,000 words), yes. Longer books, no.

With the retainer packages – is there a minimum commitment?

Yes, three months.