Book coaching

I’ve written five books and self-published four of them.

I’ve also designed and typeset 10 books, including my own. (Yes, I know. I have a very weird and unique skill set.)

I know what an ISBN is, and whether you need one. I know how to navigate Amazon’s CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platforms. I know what kind of launch you’re going to be able to do based on your following, connections and timelines.

In short, I’m familiar with every step of the book writing and publishing process from idea conception right through to publication.

There are three ways I can coach you through the writing of your book:

1. On an as-needed basis

If you’re across most things in the writing/publishing process but want someone you can quickly email or call for help if you’re stuck, this is the option for you.

Cost: $350 for the first hour, $150/hr thereafter

2. On a fixed retainer

If you’d like someone on hand to work through the whole process with you one-on-one, this is the most cost-effective option. The retainer is payable up front, gives you access to me for one year, and includes:

  • Developmental Edit.
  • Structural Edit (at the outline stage).
  • 4 x one-hour Skype calls.
  • Provision of deadlines and accountability.
  • Advice about book design and layout.
  • Advice about launching your book.
  • Access to everything I know about book writing, publishing and design.

Cost: $2500

3. Group coaching

I also offer group coaching via an online forum. If you’d like ongoing and direct access to everything in my head, at a cost well below my usual rates, the online coaching community is the place to get it.

Cost: $450 covers the first 6 month block, then it’s $250 for each 6 month block thereafter.

(Why a forum rather than a Facebook group? Information and conversations get lost in Facebook groups too easily + I don’t like doing business on platforms I don’t control. Why are payments in 6 month blocks? Because if you’re only signing up for a month, you’re not serious about writing a book.)

Let’s chat!

For a free consultation to help you determine whether we’re a great fit for each other, click here to book a time.

Or drop me an email with any questions you have about the above.