Book coaching

So, you need some help getting your book written. You want to have someone on tap to ask all your questions about:

  • The title and sub-title
  • The big idea of the book
  • How to actually get the book written
  • The steps involved in self-publishing your book
  • Book design and layout
  • The best way to launch your book

I’ve written and self-published three books, and coached other authors in the writing and self-publishing of theirs, so I’ve been through the above several times now. I know the fastest way to get a book written. I know the joys of navigating Amazon’s KDP and Createspace platforms. I know how to build an engaged community who will act as advocates for your book when it’s launched.

I am available to consult to you about any of the above for $250/hour for the first hour, then $150/hour from there on.

Or you can hire me to coach you through the entire book writing process from idea to publication for $2500.

Want to chat more about the above? Drop me an email 🙂