Developmental Editing

Think of this as a ‘North Star’ consultation for your book.

Why? Because you need something to guide the book writing process and this is it.

It’s not enough to have a ‘big idea’ you want to share with the world. You must also consider:

  • Will it resonate with the intended market? (Are they ‘ready’ to hear it?)
  • Can I access that market? (There’s no point having a big idea that will help real estate agents if you’re unable to get your book in front of those people.)
  • Will writing a book for this market allow me to achieve my goals?
  • Do I even know what my goals for this book are?

Over a series of calls and emails, I will work with you to:

  • Understand why you want to write this book.
  • Understand your goals for the book.
  • Identify the markets you can access.
  • Interrogate your ‘big idea’ to ensure it will help you achieve your stated goals while providing value to the market.
  • Generate a strong working title and sub-title.

At the end of the process, you will understand the ‘promise’ you are making with your book, and have confidence that you can deliver on it.

This consultation process costs $850.