Retain me as your personal, on-call editor

If you’ve always wanted your own personal on-call editor, then it’s your lucky day!

I’ve been editing the work of other writers and entrepreneurs for over 10 years and there’s nothing I love better than figuring out exactly what a writer is trying to communicate in a piece of writing (whether it’s a blog post, sales letter or email), and then editing that piece to ensure it takes the reader exactly where the writer wants them to go.

As the Editor of Flying Solo (Australia’s largest online community of solo and micro businesses) and the author of three books, I know the crucial tweaks a piece of writing needs to take it from good to great. As someone whose words have been published in Marie Claire and Mindfood magazines, along with industry-leading online publications such as Copyblogger and Problogger – I know what it takes to catch the attention of influencers.

Who is this service best suited to?

  • Writers and bloggers who are turning pieces around on short timelines and struggle to find the space and time necessary for a proper self-edit.
  • CEOs and managers who need all their communications to be clear, concise and compassionate.
  • Internet entrepreneurs who want to position themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

Choose a retainer package below and let me get to work making your words more persuasive, engaging and inspiring.


The three retainer packages I offer are very simple:

  • MINI: Up to 3000 words per month – $99
  • MIDI: Up to 7500 words per month – $199
  • MAXI: Up to 25,000 words per month – $499

Choose your retainer package

My editing process:

  • Read through the piece once to figure out exactly what the writer is trying to communicate.
  • Read through it again to pinpoint what structural changes need to be made to communicate their thoughts/ideas/message more succinctly.
  • Edit the piece to ensure it delivers the reader to that big idea in a way that is logical and powerful.
  • Eliminate anything that doesn’t contribute to the idea that is being communicated.
  • Line edit (make each individual line count and remove any grammatical errors).

Frequently asked questions

This service involves you taking my words and making them sound amazing right?

Yes. To a degree! I’ve outlined my process above and it involves editing the words that are provided to me, not re-writing the piece. Re-writing a piece is called ghostwriting and while that is a service I provide, it’s considerably more expensive than my editing service. (Contact me if this is what you need.)

Can I try your editing services first before committing to a retainer package?

Yes, I charge $79 for a one-off article edit.

Once I’ve submitted my article, when can I expect to get the edits?

If you’re on a retainer package, the maximum you will wait for an article is two (2) working days (Perth, Australia time: GMT +8). More often than not it will be turned around in less than 24 hours.

With the retainer packages – if I don’t use up all my words in a given month, do they carry over to the next month?


With the retainer packages – is book editing included?

Short e-books (up to 25,000 words), yes. Longer books, no.

With the retainer packages – is there a minimum commitment?

Yes, three months.

Keen to get started?

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