Structural Editing

It doesn’t matter how beautifully you write. If your book jumps all over the place and fails to take the reader on a logical journey, it won’t resonate or get traction. Which means your ‘big idea’ will never get the chance to spread.

There are two stages in the book writing process where I can assist with structure:

1. The outline stage

I look at the proposed book outline and determine whether it is logical and structured in a way that will allow for optimal delivery of the ‘big idea’.

Cost: $350

2. The first draft stage

I will first read through the entire first draft, then:

  • Mark up the document with notes about what works and what doesn’t.
  • Provide notes about structural changes I believe will make the book stronger.
  • Indicate sections that might require further fleshing out.

Cost: 3c per word 

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